Collegium Intermarium was established as a place for a free and honest academic debate, the aim of which is to restore the classical idea of the university. At the core of this idea is the search for truth about the world and the human being, which is particularly important today – at a time when the academic world is in crisis. Many universities have adopted a model of mass education, at the expense of research and education based on the integral approach to students. This crisis is aggravated by aggressive ideologies that limit the possibility of conducting an honest scientific debate. This phenomenon has resulted in the suppression of ideas that are contrary to the mainstream paradigm. Threats deriving from “cancel culture” pose a great challenge to the world of science. It is for this very purpose that Collegium Intermarium was established – to defend truth against censorial aspirations of modern academia.



October marks the beginning of the academic year for law school and a number of postgraduate programs at our university. The leading “Law” course at Collegium Intermarium is, however, something more than just another of many mass education offers available. It is designed to educate erudite lawyers who understand the philosophical foundations of the legal system, rooted in European culture and Christian ethics. The aim of Collegium Intermarium’s Law faculty is to produce lawyers who know how to apply the law, and not just mechanically read regulations.

For these reasons, the inauguration of the academic year will not be just an ordinary, formal ceremony. Instead, we are planning to hold a conference with lectures delivered by the most prominent international academics, lawyers, and thinkers. From the very first day, our students will be encouraged to think critically and search for truth.



Please visit the event website to find out more and register for the conference.