Intermarium Winter School

We are noticing that the world is undergoing rapid transformation, and the geopolitical situation is changing very dynamically. The change in the balance of power in connection with the war in Ukraine, the internal tensions and transformations within the European Union, the attempt of the EU institutions to exert pressure on the EU Member States from Central and Eastern Europe in the shaping of their internal policies – all this makes cooperation within the framework of the Inter-Mediterranean Region a civilizational necessity in the near and distant future.

The Intermarium Winter School (“IWS”) is:   

  • getting to know each other, and become more familiar with our common history and culture;   
  • the discussions about the future of our countries and the region as a whole;  
  • an opportunity to meet famous polish scientists, politicians and publicists; 
  • a meeting of a young people, who actively engage in the social life of their countries;   
  • an establishment of relationships that will result in cooperation in the fields of culture, education, politics, energy.   
IWS will consist of workshops and lectures conducted by prominent figures of Polish social and academic life, as well as politicians. The list of invited guests includes:  
  • prof. Andrzej Zybertowicz, advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland   
  • prof. Przemysław Czarnek, the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Poland  
  • Att. Jerzy Kwaśniewski, the President of the Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture   
  • dr Patryk Jaki, Member of the European Parliament   
  • Marek Jurek, former Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland   
  • Grzegorz Górny, the leader of the Three Seas Foundation  
  • Istvan Kovacs, strategic director of the Center for Fundamental Rights
  • Artur Zawisza, former Member of Parliament, specialist in energy renewables
  • dr Filip Ludwin, Associate Professor, Vice-Rector for Education
  • Arkadiusz Robaczewski, philosopher, lecturer

Lectures are conducted in English.

Enrolment is open until 23 January 2023. We look forward to receiving your CV and cover letter.  

Cost: 50 EUR– enrolment cost and accommodating fee. Residence, meals and the scientific programme are funded by the Orlen Foundation and the Ignacy Łukasiewicz PGNiG Foundation.

Contact and sign-up:  

tel: (+48) 783 687 888

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