Management of non – governmental organisation

Course description


Name of postgraduate studies Management of non-governmental organisations
Type of study part-time
Number of semesters 2
Number of ECTS credits necessary to complete the studies 40
Number of hours of classes 200h
Number of hours of theoretical classes 80h
Number of hours of practical classes 120h
Coordinator Mgr Piotr Mazurek
Deputy coordinator Dr Michał Rulski

Characteristics and purpose of postgraduate studies

The Interdisciplinary postgraduate program Management of non-governmental organisations responds to the drive to professionalise civil society organisations and establish effective relations between the third sector and public institutions. Subjects included in the course of studies concern the wide range of activities of entities indicated in the Act on Public Benefit Activities and Voluntary Service. This includes managing one’s own organisation efficiently, including using design thinking, and raising and managing funds or promoting public benefit activities to reach the widest possible audience. The program also takes into account the role of voluntary service, outsourcing public tasks or participation of citizens in public consultations.

Striving to professionalise the third sector requires its representatives to become fully familiar with applicable law, in particular regarding reporting, as well as the requirements, obligations and facilities arising from having the status of a public benefit organisation. The new major is a response to the need to professionalise civil society entities and to build lasting relations and cooperate more effectively with public administration bodies. Studies are aimed not only at people who create NGOs, but also those who are employed in the public sector and open to cooperation with the representation of civil society. An advantage of the course is the possibility of contact with practitioners from the third sector, public administration and institutions supporting the development of civil society.


Characteristics and purpose of postgraduate studies


No. Course name S[1] T / P[2] Number of hours ECTS credits
LEC[3] PR[4] USS[5]
1 Civil society – idea and the history of thought I T 10 5 75 3
2 Socio-political divisions in Poland after 1989. Social challenges and problems I T 15 75 3
3 NGOs in the Polish legal system I T 20 100 4
4 Reporting by organisations I T 10 5 75 3
5 Public benefit organisations status. Privileges and obligations I P 10 5 75 3
6 Management of the organisation’s internal and external communication I P 10 10 100 4
7 Fundraising operations and organisation fundraising II P 5 10 75 3
8 System for shaping and strengthening civil society in Poland II T 10 5 75 3
9 Professionalisation and division of tasks in an organisation II P 15 75 3
10 Project management in an organisation. Project evaluation and risk management II P 10 10 100 4
11 Implementation of public tasks II P 15 75 3
12 Internal and external communication of an organisation II P 10 10 100 4

[1] S = semester.

[2] Type of classes: T = theoretical classes, P = practical classes.

[3] LEC = lecture

[4] PR = practicals

[5] USS = unassisted student work

Recruitment requirements


Recruitment requirements

  1. Applications of candidates for postgraduate studies are accepted only through online registration, using the electronic recruitment system available at
  2. Communication with the applicant takes place through the electronic admissions system.
  3. As an auxiliary means of communication with the candidate, remote communication via email or phone may be used.
  4. The formal conditions for admitting a candidate to the recruitment procedure are:
    1) registration in the electronic recruitment system and
    2) payment of the enrollment fee.
  5. Recruitment for postgraduate studies shall take place until October 18th, 2021.
  6. Candidates for postgraduate studies must submit the following documents:
    1) personal questionnaire printed out from the electronic recruitment system, hand-signed by the candidate;
    2) application for admission to postgraduate studies, printed out from the electronic admissions system, hand-signed by the candidate;
    3) signed contract for the provision of educational services to participants of postgraduate studies in two counterparts, according to the template published on the website of the University;
    4) a photocopy of the university diploma (at least first degree), certified with the clause: “I hereby certify that this is a true copy of the original document” and the candidate’s handwritten signature;
    5)proof of payment of the enrollment fee.
  7. The documents listed above shall be submitted in person at the University or sent by mail to the University address.



Czesne s. podyplomowych
Opłaty za studia Kwota
Płatność jednorazowa 5000 zł
Płatnoć w 3 ratach 5300 zł
Płatnoć w 7 ratach 5700 zł
Opłata rekrutacyjna 85 zł



Dodatkowe informacje

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