Until July 15 there is a possibility to request for Scholarship Program for the Polish Diaspora. General Władysław Anders Scholarship Programme is an offer addressed to young people from the Polish community who are interested in taking up first-cycle, second-cycle or long-cycle studies at Polish universities, on a full-time basis, in Polish. Uniform Master’s studies in the field of law are currently conducted by the Collegium Intermarium University, referring to classical science and Christian values.

Persons who have documented Polish origin, the Pole’s Card or who have Polish citizenship and citizenship of another country and who have completed the entire period of secondary school education outside Poland, can apply for participation in the program.

The Program offers a monthly scholarship from the Director of the National Agency for Academic Exchange at universities supervised by the minister responsible for higher education and science. Studies may be preceded by a one-year preparatory course for studies in Poland (also on scholarship terms). The aim of the preparatory course is to deepen the knowledge of the Polish language and knowledge of major subjects related to the course of future studies.

The scholarship is:

1. PLN 1450 (331 $) per month during the preparatory course,

2. PLN 1,250 (285 $) per month for first-cycle students and students of the first three years of uniform master’s studies;

3. 1500 PLN (343 $) per month for students of the fourth, fifth and sixth year of uniform master’s studies.

During their studies, the scholarship holders also receive:

1. in the first year of studies, the first monthly scholarship increased by the amount of PLN 500 (115 $)

2. in the last year of studies, the last monthly scholarship increased by the amount of PLN 500 (115 $).

If you are interested in obtaining a scholarship, we invite you to participate in legal studies at the Collegium Intermarium University. Collegium Intermarium students benefit from tutors, referring to the classic master-student education method.

The university’s legal studies program also includes additional economic subjects, and the education process is complemented by additional classes, such as trips to the shooting range or participation in court hearings.

This is what Ms Joanna, a current first-year law student and a scholarship holder of our university, says about our studies: “Collegium Intermarium stands out from other Polish universities by returning to tradition and a free academic debate, the aim of which is to come closer to the truth together. I am glad to be able to participate in this project”.

More information is available at https://nawa.gov.pl/studenci/studenci-zagraniczni/program-im-gen-andersa/studia-i-stopnia/ogloszenia