Research Center on Social Control and New Technologies

New technologies, in particular information technologies, offer great opportunities for human development in all areas: from revolutionizing transport, through communication, to remote surgical operations. Along with these opportunities, the social threat is growing: mass surveillance, manipulation, a sharp change in labor and social relations. Moreover, the scale, speed and mode of operation of new technologies help to strengthen other, naturally occurring, negative trends at the international level, such as the influence of hostile centers on the domestic policies of countries. This creates a quick potential for destabilization. Changes in the way people work and new possibilities of remote functioning are not only opportunities, but also threats related to the rapid change in the functioning of people, societies and their places of residence. There is also a flow of power, based on the flow of control over information, from democratic governments to unelected, and often even unknown, management boards of technology centers. The Center will conduct extensive research on the above-mentioned issues, as well as conduct public awareness campaigns and issue publications to raise awareness.

Fields of research to be targeted:

  • The role of big-tech in censorship and differentiation of access to information – mechanisms of information trade, juridical context, ethical and social implications.
  • Means of affecting social attitudes – mass media and information technologies as a weapon or instrument of domestic and foreign affairs.
  • Impact of media and technology on mental and physical health of individuals, on their ability to recognize and fulfill their responsibilities and on their capacity to live in society and contribute to its prosperity.