Scholarships – invest in a new generation

Scholarships available!

We offer the highest educational standards and a tutoring system to every student, at all levels of university studies. At the same time, we appreciate and reward our best students.
Every student and every prospective student in Collegium Intermarium can apply for a scholarship covering a part or all of the tuition fee. Scholarships are intended for students with excellent academic performance and social engagement, for instance through their activities in voluntary associations.
To apply for a scholarship, prospective students describe their achievements, academic curriculum and social involvement in the motivation letter as an attachment to the registration form. In the years of studies that follow, scholarships will be awarded based on the current transcript of records, as well as social involvement.
The scholarship fund is foreseen to fully cover the tuition fees for at least five most outstanding candidates and students on every year of the studies. The next few will benefit from a 20% reduction of tuition fees.

Become a patron of science!

Collegium Intermarium’s Scholarship Fund is an opportunity for our benefactors to pursue their philanthropic goals. We announce a great comeback of patronage of science and we cordially invite you to take part in it!
Thanks to your donations we will be able to offer excellent studies free of charge to our best students. They will be carefully selected by our staff, based on the scores obtained in the recruitment process and the level of the candidates’ social engagement. Your donations will enable us to cover yearly tuition fees which are PLN 8,000 per student.
We offer various forms of support. Those benefactors, who fund a whole scholarship will be able to meet with its recipient(s) or, following the example of world’s best universities, name the scholarship after its donor, or after a close person or other selected individual.
We are aware that sponsoring a scholarship for a talented, hard-working student, can be a common effort of many donors, therefore we invite you to contribute to the Scholarship Fund by a donation of PLN 100, 150, 300, 500 or other amount of your choice. All benefactors will be honored during graduation ceremonies in addition to membership in Collegium Intermarium’s Patron of Science Club, up to date information about Collegium Intermarium, receipt of marketing materials, and invitations to meetings and events with our academic staff.

All it takes is to make a transfer to Collegium Intermarium

PL71 1020 4900 0000 8102 3351 5963

PL77 1020 4900 0000 8102 3351 5952

PL83 1020 4900 0000 8002 3351 4729

Bank name: PKO BP

Transfer title: “Donation to the Scholarship Fund – e-mail adress”


Every donation will be directly used to fund scholarships for our outstanding students.