Collegium Intermarium


As a university associated with classical education, we want to promote Truth, Goodness and Beauty in the modern world.
We are looking for partners who share our values.

Instytut Nauk Społecznych, Ekonomicznych i Politycznych (ISSEP)

is a non-profit private college founded in 2018 in Lyon by Marion Maréchal, who is its CEO, it provides both business school type management education, political science and general cultural education.

Akademia Zamojska

exists since 2005. Its traditions refer to the school of the same name existing in the years 1594-1784. The university conducts classes at the level of the first degree of bachelor’s and engineering studies, the second degree of master’s studies and postgraduate studies.

Ośrodek Analiz Cegielskiego

since 2017, he has been actively working for the dynamic and harmonious development of Poland. It provides substantive and organizational support to Polish entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations, farmers and public institutions.

OAC conducts analyzes and prepares reports on key topics for social and economic life. It also conducts educational and popularizing activities in various regions of our country – the Center is also present in those places that are underinvested and particularly need development impulses.


is a union of associations whose representatives share similar sensitivity, a similar perception of the world, as well as attachment to a set of specific values.

They want their coalition to be a space for agreeing, improving and, as a result, articulating postulates that they jointly consider important and need to be raised in public opinion. This will be more fully implemented after unification and joining forces. In our efforts, we refer to the following values: patriotism, sovereignty, community, freedom, family and civil society.

Ordo Iuris

Taking into account the cultural complexity of the legal reality, we want Ordo Iuris to harmoniously combine various aspects of commitment to order in social life and in legal transactions. That is why we combine academic and expert activity with litigation involvement and the formation of young lawyers. However, we consider it equally important to reach the society with reliable and authoritative information about the changes taking place in the modern legal culture. This requires us to use various forms of communication, but we always try to do everything at the highest possible level and we have reason to believe that this effort is not in vain.

Stowarzyszenie Studenci dla Rzeczypospolitej

it is an organization associating students and graduates of Polish universities with conservative views. The association was established in May 2010. It has branches in six Polish academic cities: Kraków, Łódź, Lublin, Toruń, Wrocław and Warsaw. The organization wants to be well heard in the public debate with the voice of the conservative part of the student community. Its aim is to create a space for a substantive discussion on the current situation of the country, taking into account different points of view.

Instytut Poznański

We are a young think tank from Poznań. We are interested in municipal, local government, social and international matters. Our mission is to support the development of civil society and strengthen the social activity of citizens.

Instytut Suwerennej

Within our environment, we shape a sense of patriotic duties, acting on the basis of Christian values. We want everyone to feel duty towards their homeland – Poland, which is a set of common values ​​and experiences of people who lived before us, now and in the future. We want to leave Poland to our future generations as a legacy that is strong, modern, respecting its own history and with its rightful place in Europe. We act to nurture Polishness, maintain traditions and develop civic and cultural awareness. We shape patriotic and pro-defense attitudes among adults, children and youth by disseminating history and physical culture as well as the ethos of arms. We conduct broadly understood social and educational activities addressed to the youngest, students and adults. We create public debate through analytical and journalistic activities and the organization of events on topics related to important social issues. We work to protect the Latin civilization in Poland and Europe.