Collegium Intermarium


Law is not only a universal regulator of social relations, but also a social phenomenon without which it is impossible to imagine socio-economic and political life, communication between people, as well as ensuring the rights and freedoms of humans and citizens. Law is also a tool for creating a state and ensuring its functioning.


In modern conditions, no democratic state can function normally in isolation. International contacts are complemented by cooperation at the regional and local government levels, as well as the freedom of movement of people and the broad development of interpersonal economic, scientific and humanitarian contacts. Such circumstances have become the basis of the new world order and require appropriate scientific research.


The Russian war with Ukraine resulted in a special need to conduct studies and train specialists involved in developing a formula of economic cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian economic entities. The effectiveness of this cooperation will require appropriate investments, institutional support, as well as well-educated staff who know the Polish and Ukrainian languages, Polish and Ukrainian legislation, the specific functioning of the Polish and Ukrainian markets, and their interactions with European and global markets. For this purpose, the Center for Research and Studies on the State and Law of Ukraine was established at the Collegium Intermarium University.

The aim of the Center for Research and Studies on the State and Law of Ukraine is:

• conducting research and studies on theoretical-methodological, sociological and practical problems of the organization of power in Ukraine;

• conducting research and studies on theoretical, sociological and practical problems of civil, economic and labor law in Ukraine;

• conducting research and studies on the practice of law-making in Ukraine, as well as the peculiarities of the development of Ukrainian legislation;

• preparing forecasts of changes in the legal regulations of economic relations in Ukraine, as well as developing proposals for Polish business entities regarding the conditions of operation on the Ukrainian market;

• organization of training for specialists in the field of law and management based on Polish and Ukrainian teaching experience.

Research and studies at the Center for Research and Studies on the State and Law of Ukraine are characterized by:

• extensive experience in the development of law and the state in Poland, Europe, the USA and the democratic world;

• focusing on learning the theoretical and methodological features and traditions of government functioning, as well as legal regulations of economic, political and social relations in Ukraine;

• using the results of sociological research and Ukrainian experience to develop proposals for business entities conducting or planning business in Ukraine;

• transparency of the Centre’s activities.


The main areas of research activity of the Center for Research and Studies on the State and Law of Ukraine:

• civil law issues of property regulation, contractual and inheritance relations in Ukraine;

• legal issues regarding the procedure for registration and regulation of business entities in Ukraine;

• optimization of taxation of business entities in Ukraine;

• issues of legal regulation of labor relations and social security in Ukraine;

• legal practice in the field of health care regulation in Ukraine;

• migration legislation of Ukraine;

• law on environmental protection, climate protection and ensuring ecological safety in Ukraine;

• Ukrainian intellectual property law;

• issues of legal regulation of innovative and investment activities in Ukraine.

The Center conducts studies on Polish and Ukrainian legislation, scientific research in the sphere of economic, political and intellectual life in Ukraine, analyzes the works of leading Ukrainian scientists whose research influences the development of legislation and political and economic thought in Ukraine, develops proposals and recommendations on the above issues for all interested public and private entities.

Prof. Wasyl Kostytsky

Director of the Center for Research on the State and Law of Ukraine

Dr. hab. legal sciences, academician of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, president of the Association of Ukrainian Lawyers.

One of the outstanding statesmen, known abroad as a scientist and politician, People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd terms, author of nearly 200 draft laws, one of the „fathers” of the Constitution of Ukraine of 1996, decorated with numerous state and religious awards, winner of the award them. Yaroslav the Wise, winner of the all-Ukrainian competition for the best legal publication.

He formulated the main principles of the teleological and sociological understanding of law and the new theory of the separation of powers, the law on permanent concentration of capital, the economic and legal mechanism for environmental protection, and prepared drafts of a new version of the Constitution and the Environmental Protection Code of Ukraine.

He has written and published over 400 scientific works, including monographs: Law on permanent concentration of capital: economic history and Ukrainian realities (2002), Legal limitations of legislative and judicial power (2017, co-author), Theory of environmental law: col. monogr. edited by V. Kostycki” (2020); The separation of powers in the context of the teleological and sociological understanding of law (essays on legal theory) (2023); textbooks: Aviation Law of Ukraine (2011, editor and co-author), Environmental Protection Law of Ukraine in 2 books (2012, 2013); Selected problems of legal theory (2022); brochures: Economic patriotism as a component of the national idea (2003), Theory of the separation of powers: civil society and the state in the era of globalization (2011) and others.